• Faucets & Disposals

  • A faucet fixture update can restore both functionality and beauty to your home. PUR Plumbing offers a wide ranges of options when it comes to replacing or updating your faucets and fixtures. From the standard sink faucet to the hand-motion activated kitchen sink sprayer we have you covered.  Because of PUR Plumbings 25+ year history in Pasco County, we've developed strategic partnerships with local suppliers of quality products so more of your money stays in our local economy.

    Is your garbage disposal on it's last leg?  You'll know by it either leaking, rumbling more loudly than normal, or because it just won't turn on anymore.  Replacing a garbage disposal is a job best left to a professional in most cases. Could you watch a YouTube video and try it yourself, yes.  Do we offer referrals to a good flood and water damage company? Yes, yes we do. :)

    Here are two garbage disposal tips you may not have heard before that can extend the life of your equipment and help prevent sewer backups.  Eggshells put down the kitchen drain do not travel through the pipes to the city sewer. Instead they build up in your pipes, trapping other bits of debris until your sewer line becomes clogged; causing backups and slow drains throughout the home.  Tip number two is that ice cubes are the best way to keep your disposal clean and in good working order.  Just drop several cubes down the drain and munch 'em up!  The sharp ice help clean away debris without damaging your disposal.

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