• Repipes

  • Eventually, house pipes just wear out. Often times it's not just because of failing pipes; galvanized pipes, under-performing copper, and even the dreaded polybutylene can fail sooner and requires modern technology, expertise, and equipment to repair. 

    If a slab leak is your issue, PUR Plumbing can reroute the plumbing without causing damage to the foundation or the existing flooring by using a modern material called Pex piping, which includes a 25 year manufacturer warranty. This flexible, durable pipe replacement is considered state of the art; even resisting freeze conditions and extreme temperatures.

    A plumbing leak is never fun as a homeowner. Besides the damage to your property and belongings, a plumbing leak is disrupting to your life. By re-piping and rerouting plumbing, PUR Plumbing completes your professional repair faster and for less!

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