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New Port Richey And Tampa Water Heater Repair

We are a New Port Richey Plumber providing water heater repair and plumbing repairs to the Tampa bay area.

We specialize in  water heater repairs for both commercial water heaters and Residential water heaters. We are factory trained to diagnose your problem right the first time… Let’s face it, when it comes to repairing a Tampa water heater you should not have to pay for guesswork!

Why You Should Call PUR Plumbing 1st.

PUR Plumbing Inc is ready to handle any plumbing service repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have emergency water heater repair technicians on call ready to help. Our plumbing service trucks are stocked with over 90% of water heater repair parts for commercial water heaters and residential water heaters both gas and electric.

Having a water heater problem? Having a tankless water heater problem? We can help you! Check out menu of services at www.purplumbingservice.com under the water heater tab for tips and tricks for your water heater.

We Can Help You With Your Water Heater Warranty

PUR Plumbing is a warranty water heater repair specialist and factory trained to install any water heating device to manufacture’s specification. Here are a few manufactures’ we are authorized water heater warranty service providers for:

AO Smith water heaters…. All residential, all commercial (BTH, BTX, BTR and more) gas and electric  AO Smith water heater repair and install.

State water heaters…. All residential, all commercial (SUF, SBS, SBD and more ) gas and electric State water heaters repair and install.

American water heaters…. All residential, all commercial gas and electric models American water heater repair and install.

Whirlpool water heaters… All residential, gas and electric models whirlpool water heater repair and install.

Rinnai tankless water heaters… Tankless water heater repair and install.

Takagi tankless water heaters… Tankless water heater repair and install.

Let our water heater diagnostic training and inventoried repair parts save you time and money

If your water heater is over ten years old it may be filled with sediment and corrosion that steals the heating capability of your water heater. Even worse, the extra energy used by older water heater models may be costing you in excess utility charges. We’ll improve the performance of your current water heater, or replace it with a new energy efficient hot water heater.

Tankless hot water heaters save energy costs because they don’t constantly heat unused water in a large tank; they only heat the water on demand. If your water is not getting hot enough or not heating at all, give PUR Plumbing a call from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area and we’ll be there to repair the problem. We provide service for both residential and commercial water heaters, gas, electric and tankless water heaters.

We’ll perform these services if necessary:
  • Testing and replacement of Elements
  • Electric and Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Plumbing adjustments
  • Thermal Expansion Devices
We Are Authorized Warranty and Service Providers for:
  • A. O. Smith Water Heaters
  • State Water Heaters
  • American Water Heaters
  • Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
  • Eternal Water Heaters
  • Whirlpool
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