Water Conservation With the Help of Your Local Plumber

Your plumber can help you with a very real threat in Florida: drought…

Water Conservation Tips 101

Plumbing repair is good for the environment

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Florida often seems to have more than a lion’s share of problems. Invasive species, sinkholes, and hurricanes fill the news about our state, but there is another problem that may surprise you: drought. We know what you’re thinking. How could Florida possibly have drought problems? We are surrounded by water, we get inundated by rain during hurricane season, and we have several lakes. Yet, according to the US Department of Agriculture, southern Florida is in severe drought conditions and will be so for months or even years. The upper half of the peninsula is in moderate drought conditions. Only the north panhandle is unaffected at this time. At times like these, there are professionals who may surprise you with how they can help alleviate drought, and one of them is your local plumber.

For example, did you know that simply covering your swimming pool when it’s not in use can save 10 gallons of water per household? Or that by installing low flush toilets, you can save 200 gallons of water per year? Fixing a leaky faucet alone will save you 50 gallons of water a year.

More Water Conservation Tricks from Your Plumbing Professional

Professional plumbing services also know about tricks like reusing your graywater, which is water that you use from your dishes or laundry to water your lawn and garden. While all of these tips help at home, there are also plenty of tips that you can do in the workplace to save water.

We are all in this together. We are Floridians too, after all. So what are you waiting for? Give your local plumber a call and you may be surprised at how many ingenious ideas that he may have to help you save water and protect one of our planet’s most precious natural resources: our supply of fresh water.

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