The Life Cycle of a Plumbing Project Part 2: Implementation

Part two of a series on the life cycle of a plumbing project explores the importance of properly implementing your project.

Plumbing Project: Implementation of Your Project

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In our last article, we covered the importance of planning. Why is planning key? Well, if you make one mistake in the implementation of your project, you could find yourself ankle deep in water. The first step of implementation is to shut off the water main to your house. This will allow you safety in installing or upgrading. With no pressurized water flow, you don’t have to worry about your new sink or toilet popping off like a wine cork.

A good plumbing project should go smoothly. You want your implementation to follow a step by step procedure that you set up in your planning stage. Do you know what is the most important step to follow in your plumbing project? Take your time, and make sure that no one distracts you. It is never a good idea to do any sort of repair or upgrade when you have a very limited time to do it or you can’t concentrate.

Plumbing Project Implementation and Staying Focused

Focus on what you’re doing. Not what you’re going to be doing later. Go slowly and make sure you follow both your own instructions and any instructions that you have that came with the plumbing fixture. Remember you want to keep your plumbing project under your control.

So, you have just completed stage two of your project. What happens next? Well, now you have the final stage of the life cycle of a plumbing project: Wrap up.

This concludes part two of our series on the life cycle of a plumbing project. For more information, be sure to read part one and part three as well.
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