Should You Get a Plumber to Upgrade Your Fixtures? In a Word, Yes

Giving your Bathroom a Makeover With the Help of a Professional Plumber

Most people think they don’t need a plumber.  They see a picture on a website, or watch a remodeling superstar’s television show on cable.  They go out to get the tools and the fixtures, and all too soon realize that they are in over their heads.

Call a Plumber Instead

Someone who is legally licensed to be a plumber has to go through a lot of training, as well as exams, and apprenticeship before they can even legally touch your sink.  Using a home makeover show as an example, even the superstar calls in a plumber for the bathroom, an electrician for the wiring, and so forth.

Isn’t It Cheaper to Do It Myself?

Not as much as you’d think.  For one, unless you have all of the tools, fixtures, and parts, you’re going to spend quite a lot upfront by doing it yourself.  There is also the issue of knowledge.  Unless you know how to use everything that you’ve bought, pretty soon it will be a box of plumbing parts that will be taking up space in your garage.  Then you would have wasted your money.

Wouldn’t it Be a Good Project for the Weekend?

Upgrading your fixtures can take more time than you may think, particularly if it is just one person doing the work, and a person that’s consulting a book or some notes every few minutes.  Something as major as upgrading your bathroom fixtures requires a great deal of downtime, so a plumber is a better idea.  What happens if you don’t finish your bathroom in time?  Do you really want to be down to one bathroom for two or more weeks, particularly if you have a family?

Your best option is calling in a professional to help you avoid any missteps.  And the best professional to call is a master plumber.

Pur Plumbing Service is a Florida based plumbing company that’s been around since 2004. Give us a call at (727) 475-1474 and let us work with you to turn your dreams of a new bathroom into reality.

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