Residential Plumber Qualifications

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Qualifications of a Residential Plumber

Residential Plumber Qualifications

Know the Proper Qualifications for a Residential Plumber

licensed-plumber-in-trinityAs you probably already know, a residential plumber is one who works on homes, apartments, and the places where people live in Tampa Florida. A residential plumber must obtain licensing before performing any plumbing work other than on property that they own personally. A residential plumber must obtain licensing from the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Residential Plumber – Experience Required for Licensure

Before an individual can seek a license for residential plumbing, they must have four years experience as a plumber’s assistant. An exam is required to become a residential plumber that covers both plumbing codes and business and finance. When an applicant sits for the test, documentation must be presented to show that the experience required has been accomplished.

Other Requirements for Residential Plumbers

Other requirements for getting a license as a residential plumber include proof of insurance in the minimum amounts of $25,000 for property damage and $100,000 for general liability. A credit report must be submitted at testing time that is no more than a year old, and the applicant’s net worth must be at least $2,500.

There are different classifications within the plumbing licensure, and net worth must be at least $20,000 for some classifications. At the time of the exam, the residential plumber applicant must pay an application fee, which currently costs $249 or $309, depending on the time of year the application is made. At the time of the exam, an additional exam fee of $135 is required.

A licensed residential plumber can repair, alter, maintain, install, or extend plumbing within the realms of the plumbing code. In areas where other licensing is not required, a residential plumber can design plumbing.

If you call a residential plumber to your home, you might get an apprentice and a plumber. Legally, the apprentice must have supervision from a licensed plumber to perform any work.

Residential Plumber Designations

The two primary designations for a residential plumber are journeyman and master. The journeyman plumber receives that classification after passing the plumbing exam with a score of 70 or better. The master plumber designation is obtained by taking another state exam that can only be applied for after reaching the journeyman status.

It is easy to gain a little more respect for the residential plumber when you understand that the title was something that had to be worked for. A person cannot just go to the city hall in Tampa and pay to be labeled a residential plumber. Not only do residential plumbers have to pass an exam to get a license, they must take 14 hours of continuing education each year for 2 years preceding license renewal.

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