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Homeowner Tips for Broken Pipes Repair

Plumbing in St Petersburg-EmergencyOne of the more problematic plumbing jobs besides clogged toilet repair is having broken pipes needing repair. There are so many types of plumbing piping and varying ways pipes can become damaged. Add to that the location of the broken pipes repair job and it is easy to understand why plumbers usually get called to do the work.

There are three primary materials used for broken pipes repair and plumbing in general. These are plastic, copper, and galvanized piping.

Plastic Piping and Broken Pipes Repair

Assuming that the broken pipes repair is for water piping, the simplest broken pipes repair is when plastic materials are used. There are generally three types of plastic water piping; PVC, CPVC, and Pex. PVC is the standard for cold water and for waste lines and is white in color. CPVC is for hot water, and it has a cream color. Either of these materials has to be assembled with glued fittings.

Pex comes in different colors, and sometimes red is used for hot water and blue for cold. This makes it simple to visualize and differentiate. The other plastics are rigid, but Pex coils, making it much easier to work with. Broken pipes repair is simpler with Pex, which is put together with fittings that are tightened using wrenches.

Copper Piping and Broken Pipes Repair

Broken pipes repair with copper is more difficult than with plastic. Copper comes in coil stock or rigid. Rigid copper broken pipes repair requires the use of an acetylene torch and solder. Pipes must be “sweated” into fittings to seal against leakage.

Coil copper broken pipes repair is somewhat easier than rigid because it is put together with threaded fittings. Even with this type of broken pipes repair, the ends where pipes are joined must be “flared” before attaching.

Galvanized Piping and Broken Pipes Repair

The least friendly to work with of all pipes is galvanized. There are not many new applications of galvanized water piping, but broken pipes repair does require its use on occasion. Galvanized broken pipes repair requires “threading” of the pipe ends so they can be screwed into the female threads of the fittings.

Broken Pipes Repair – Straight Water Line Sections

leak detection repairThe simplest broken pipes repair is a straight section of water line. This requires cutting the bad pipe out and installing a new piece in its place. Before removing the pipe, you must determine what the material is and what size pipe it is. Generally, water pipes are 1/2? or 3/4? in residential applications. Different types of piping are sized based on either the diameter of the inside of the pipe or the outside overall diameter.

In most cases, all that is needed for splicing the piping together on a straight run is the pipe and two unions. How these are joined is dependent on the type of material needed for broken pipes repair.

If you attempt broken pipes repair on your own, always buy more fittings than you think you will need because plumbing repairs will often take more elbows, sleeves, and other pieces than you expect. Plastic fittings for CPVC and PVC are rather inexpensive, so it is better to have spares and avoid running all over Tampa numerous times to get broken pipes repair parts.

Because of the many tools necessary to accomplish broken pipes repair in the Tampa area, it is a much better plan to have those qualified to do plumbing repairs to come to your home and quickly rectify the problem. You don’t want to be without water for a long time, and PUR Plumbing will get in and out much faster than you can do the work yourself.

Even if plumbing snafus happen after hours in Tampa Florida, PUR Plumbing has professional and qualified repair personnel in the plumbing industry available 24/7 to get your water flowing again. Get an estimate and a repair the same day you call, and the work performed by PUR Plumbing is always guaranteed.

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