Slab Leak Repair

Dealing With Plumbing Problems – Slab Leak Repair

It is easy to feel helpless when you become aware of a need for slab leak repair. Some home buyers worry so much about this happening that they won’t consider a house without a crawlspace beneath. Slab leak repair is not a common occurrence, but there are three situations that can lead to this problem.

Material Failure Requiring Slab Leak Repair

slab leak repair

A slab leak repair may be necessary simply because of faulty materials. The two most common types of plumbing materials under slabs are Pex and coiled copper piping. Most plumbing codes will not allow joints under the concrete in hopes of avoiding the need for slab leak repair.

Copper piping sometimes has undetectable fractures that can burst from the pressure of the water. Another slab leak repair necessitated by copper has to do with minerals in the water. Over time, these minerals break down the copper and it wears out.

While Pex plastic tubing is very resistant to elements in the water and can last for a very long time, slab leak repair might come from a weak area due to a manufacturing mistake.

Installation Error Causing a Need for Slab Leak Repair

One of the most common reasons slab leak repair is necessary has to do with how the pipes are placed. Most concrete slabs have a bed of crushed rock or sand beneath. Water lines should be placed beneath the stone to prevent the need of slab leak repair. Additionally, pipes should be placed in a protective sleeve to prevent contact with anything that might damage them.

It has been proven that long term contact with rocks can lead to slab leak repair because there is vibration when water runs through the pipes. The vibration causes a rock or other hard solid to wear a hole in the pipe leading to slab leak repair. If a plumber doesn’t take the extra precautions to avoid this type of contact, it is likely that slab leak repair will be needed at some point.

Slab Leak Repair and Earthquakes, Settlement, and Shifts

The need for slab leak repair is often due to the movements of the earth. Obviously, an earthquake can do damage to fragile plumbing, but slight shifts in the upper crust of the earth occur without notice all the time in the Tampa Florida area. Coastal areas tend to have more shifts than most inland areas do. A slab leak repair often follows when there is a weak and uncompacted area under a building or its footings.

Addressing Slab Leak Repair

Whatever the reason for a slab leak repair, it has to be addressed when it occurs. One workaround way to fix the leak is to put water pipes in the attic and re-plumb in that manner. This causes some destruction of finishes that require repairs, and it also makes the water lines vulnerable to freezing situations in colder climates, which can create even more problems.

The alternative, and the more difficult solution, is to locate where the leak is and cut out sections of the floor to repair the lines in the ground. This is an expensive way to stop a leak, and it is very important to pinpoint the precise area of the leak to keep the demolition to a minimum.

Someone with no plumbing experience should not attempt slab leak repair of this type because it can end up being much more costly than hiring an experienced master plumber who knows how to take care of the problem. The professionals at PUR Plumbing in Tampa have experience with slab leaks and can give you an estimate based on the known conditions. All work is guaranteed and you’ll receive fast and friendly service.

A leak under the slab can be expensive due to the water lost and may result in structural damage if left unchecked. Don’t take a chance on your home investment; call PUR Plumbing for all of your Tampa, FL plumbing needs.