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Clogged Toilet Repair Basics

clogged-toilet-repairProblems with toilets warrant as many calls to plumbers as clogged drains do. Often times the problem is due to the equipment in the tank malfunctioning with water that begins to trickle constantly. Though leakage is a problematic situation, a clogged toilet is the worst problem you can have with the john.

What Goes In Must Come Out

Toilets wouldn’t get clogged if people would use care in what they put in it. Plumbers who do clogged toilet repair find that many people believe any type of paper (among other things) will go through the toilet. What they don’t realize is toilet paper is specially designed to come apart in water, and it is the only paper other than facial tissue that should be placed in the toilet. Paper towels are a major reason toilets become clogged.

The drain line beneath the toilet is the largest in the home, but to reach that location, the contents of the toilet must go through a much smaller trap or there is a need for clogged toilet repair. The greater majority of times a toilet becomes blocked is when the trap becomes blocked.

Step One for Unclogging A Toilet

The first step in clogged toilet repair is to turn off the water supply to the toilet so water can’t back out of the bowl and onto the floor. Before attempting any clogged toilet repair or other plumbing work, the water stop or gate valve should be located. On the toilet, it is usually behind and below the tank where the water supply enters.

A plunger is a good tool to keep in the bathroom because it can aid in clogged toilet repair when the blockage is in the toilet trap. While this is the best thing a homeowner can do for clogged toilet repair, it may not work if the blockage is caused by some solid object that can’t pass through the S-trap.

Step Two for Stubborn Clogged Toilets

When the plunger fails in clogged toilet repair, generally the next step is to use a hand auger to dislodge the blockage. A homeowner will not usually own one of these and may revert to the poor man’s version, a wire clothes hanger. For clogged toilet repair, the clothes hanger is a bit of a hit or miss solution, but it works some of the time.

A Last Resort for Clearing a Clogged John

The method of last resort in clearing a clogged toilet is to remove the closet bolt nuts on either side of the toilet, take the water supply loose, and pull the toilet to find what has stopped the drain. This is sure to cause a big mess with water getting all over the floor and a task most homeowners prefer to leave to a Tampa, FL plumber.

A larger problem is when the blockage is not in the trap of the toilet. If water is slow to drain at other locations, clogged toilet repair may involve blockages somewhere else in the house or between there and the service connection to the Tampa, FL sewer system.

If the main drain lines are clogged, you have a much more serious problem than a clogged toilet. A professional plumber may have to run a rooter (drain cleaning machine) down the lines to clear the obstruction.

Toilets always seem to have problems at inopportune times, which may be after regular working hours for most plumbers. While a homeowner might be able to handle clogged toilet repair in some instances, it can take a lot of time and effort to diagnose and fix the problem, especially without the right tools or plumbing expertise.

It’s comforting to know that you have someone to call for blocked toilets if you live in the Tampa Florida area. PUR Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is available to unclog those toilets and drain lines. All it takes is one call and a professional Tampa plumber will be sent to your home to assess and price the repairs for you.

Upon your approval, your problem will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible by friendly professionals. Don’t think you are alone when your plumbing breaks down. Call PUR Plumbing for fast and dependable service.

Clogged toilet repair
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