Residential Plumbing Projects Part 3: Installing New Bathroom Fixtures

Part three of a four part series on residential plumbing projects focuses on installing new bathroom fixtures.

Reasons to Install New Bathroom Fixtures

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There are two main reasons to install new bathroom fixtures. One reason is to save money. How does installing new bathroom fixtures save money? First off, older fixtures have a tendency to leak. Not a lot, mind you, but even a sporadic drip would drive up your monthly water bill. When you see how much a leaky faucet can drive up your costs, it is quite staggering.

Over a decade, you could end up spending a whopping 40% more on your water bill than someone who has new fixtures put in. However, while saving money is a good idea, particularly in these troubled financial times, it is also a good idea to install new fixtures in your bathroom as a morale boost. Maybe you want to do your bathroom in cool blues and purples, and a brushed steel bathroom sink would really look great with your new bathroom color scheme. Or, maybe you’re going the other direction towards more vibrant colors, so a gold tone sink would look better than something more silver colored.

Why You Should Hire a Plumber to Install your Bathroom Fixtures

There is a rule whenever you install something. The average sink takes two to four bolts to secure it, and a couple of pipe connections. And it only takes one loose thing to cause it to pop off like a wine cork when the water pressure is restored. If you hire a plumber to install your new bathroom fixtures, the odds of this happening diminish almost entirely.

So as you see, in addition to repair jobs, you can recruit a professional to help you with upgrades to your home. So call a professional plumber today.

This concludes part four of our series on residential plumbing projects. For more information, be sure to read part one, part two, and part four as well.

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