Residential Plumbing Projects Part 1: Water Softener Installation

Part one of a four part series on residential plumbing projects focuses on water softener installation.

Do You Need a Water Softener?

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Do you need a water softener? Well, have you ever been to Orlando? Ever made the mistake of taking a drink of water from a public fountain? If you have, we bet you are still trying to get the taste of sulfur out of your mouth. Tampa has notoriously hard water, that is water with a lot of impurities and minerals in it that ruin the taste.

A lot of the water in Florida comes from artesian springs, and in addition, there are a lot of chemicals and other additives put in your water both by your municipality and by your pipes themselves. The taste of hard water can be disgusting, and it can also give your food, drinks, and even your ice cubes a smell that you won’t soon forget. However, if you wish to install a water softener there are other reasons to do so as well.

Install a Water Softener: More Reasons

If you wash your clothes in water that has a lot of sulfur in it, soon your clothes will smell rather like a burning match, particularly when it gets hot and humid outside. Drying your clothes via a clothesline sounds good on paper, but this is Florida, and humidity can give your clothes an additional musty smell. However, if you wash your clothes in water that has gone through a water softener, your clothes and most importantly of all, your towels, will not have any smell except the clean smell of laundry soap.

So, a water softener is a convenience that makes your home both livable, and your drinking water safer and better tasting. So, get a hold of a plumber and install a water softener today.

This concludes part one of our series on residential plumbing projects. For more information, be sure to read part two, part three, and part four as well.

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