Repairing a Water Heater Part 1

Water heater repair isn’t something that happens very often. Water heaters are surprisingly durable, and can last for years or even decades. This article will explore the components of a heater, and what may go wrong with them.

Types of Water Heaters and Water Heater Repair

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There are five main types of water heaters. They are: electric water heaters, propane water heaters, natural gas water heaters, solar water heaters, and tankless water heaters. Let’s start with electric.

Electric water heaters are one of the most common types out there, and use heating elements powered by electricity. They’re safe, and can last for decades. Natural gas heaters and propane heaters are durable, however, there is a slim chance that they can leak gas or propane, which is a fire danger. Solar water heaters are cost cutters to your utility bill as they’re powered by the sun, however, they can also be more expensive, as can tankless water heaters. As for what can go wrong on a water heater, it is limited to handful of issues.

Water Heater Repair

Water tanks inside a water heater usually average between 40-50 gallons. They rarely if ever have problems as they’re usually solid aluminum or steel. Instead, it is usually the heating elements, the pressure release valve, and any fittings that are most likely to break. With tankless water heaters there are even less components to go bad. Most water heater repair isn’t as expensive as buying a new heater, but eventually there may come a time when you want to replace your heater.

Let’s say you have a traditional water heater, such as a gas or electric. If your repair bill is a bit too much, you may consider replacing your unit. If you go to solar for example, it gives you a 30% tax rebate. So it is merely a matter of deciding whether you want to replace or repair your water heater.

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