Emergency Plumbing Repair is Just a Phone Call Away | (727) 475-1474

Plumbing Repair in Tampa

Plumbing repair in Tampa is necessary every now and then.  And by no means should you try to do it on your own.  There are several reasons why.

Emergency Plumbing Repair is Just a Phone Call Away | (727) 475-1474

Emergency Plumbing Repair is Just a Phone Call Away | (727) 475-1474

Call a Plumber in Tampa For Emergencies and Plumbing Upgrades

A lot of people watch a do it yourself video, or maybe buy a how-to book at their local home improvement center only to find that they are in over their head, sometimes literally if the plumbing repair goes bad quickly.  Before you call a plumber however, it is a good idea to know where the shutoff valve in your home is.  Your plumber in Tampa can help with that as well.

Most homes have the shutoff valve outside the house, usually attached to the garden hose spigot.  Just knowing where this one valve is can save you a lot of money in water damage, particularly if you have a major plumbing calamity such as a pipe freeze.  We know what you’re thinking.  A pipe freeze? In Tampa, however, it can happen.  A few years ago we had a winter where all but one state had snow in it, and that one state was not Florida.  All it takes is one night of freezing temperatures.  The water turns to ice in your pipes.  Then as the ice melts, all that water that has been under pressure encounters a blockage.  Then the next thing you know, it’s raining in your kitchen and you’re scrambling to find a Tampa plumber.

Plumbing Repair is Not For the Faint of Heart

It’s easy to think that you’d be a pro in the event of a pipe freeze, but think again.  More than likely you’ll be running back and forth trying to figure out what to do while at the same time calling a plumber in Tampa to come in on very short notice to fix the plumbing issue in your home.

If you don’t fix the problem quickly, you can run into water damage or in extreme cases structural damage to your home.  While pipes may look simple, if you’re like most people you’re probably going to try to go cheap.  Maybe go down to the big box home improvement store and buy some PVC pipe.  The problem with PVC pipe is that it turns brittle over time when exposed to extreme heat, and if there is a fire, it can produce extremely toxic fumes.  Another reason to call a plumber in Tampa for plumbing repairs is potential liability as well as fines from the city.

If you are doing a plumbing repair job, and you screw it up, if it damages city property or the property of one of your neighbors you could be liable for damages and/or fines.  All of these reasons and more are good ones to call a plumber in Tampa instead.


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