Plumbing Freezes and Emergency Plumbing

You may find yourself in need of an emergency plumber, particularly if you encounter a hard freeze. If you don’t believe such things can happen in the sun drenched state of Florida, here are some things to think of.

Emergency Plumber to The Rescue

Tampa, Florida had a hard freeze in 1977, and in 2010, even Florida had snow. Arizona is a very warm state and has had hard freezes three out of the past five years. If your pipes break in your attic, you need to call in an emergency plumber to re-pipe the house.

Using a Plumber’s Advice to Avoid Pipe Freezing

Preventing pipe freezes is actually easy. First, find your home’s water main entry. It is usually connected to your front yard’s hose spigot. Cover the pipe thoroughly with a blanket, or even better, wrap up your pipes with insulated foil tape. Leave a trickle of water running as well if you can. If your pipes do shatter, you’ll be able to tell easily enough. At that point your only available option is to call a plumber.

Getting a Plumber in the Event of the Unthinkable

Review your insurance carefully, preferably before you need to file a claim. In the event of a catastrophe like a pipe freeze, sometimes your homeowner’s insurance will cover it, but it won’t in some cases. Get in contact with an emergency plumber to help you to bounce back from this problem.

Pur Plumbing is a Tampa based emergency plumber

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