Plumbing and the Environment

Plumbing is a modern convenience and if you take care of it properly, you can make a difference in the environment. And for a world plagued with environmental problems, this can be crucial…

Plumbing repair is good for the environment

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Reducing your Environmental Footprint with the Help of a Florida Plumber

A Florida plumber is well versed in various tips and tricks to help reduce the impact that you may have on the environment. One of the most important steps you can take is to be more proactive about water conservation.

Water-saving technology for the home includes such items as low-flow shower heads and low-flush toilets. Both of these features save water as well as being more energy efficient. Another thing that your plumber can help you with is to fix a leaky faucet and install an aerator for your faucet. Aerators mist your water allowing you to use less water while still keeping your hands clean. They also reduce splashing. How serious do plumbers take water conservation? Ever since 2010, there has been a World Plumbing Day.

More Water Conservation Tips from Your Plumbing Service

Graywater has become an environmental ‘hot button’ issue. Not so very long ago, it used to be prohibited by various municipalities throughout Florida, however, as time went by, someone brought up the fact that it reduces water use by up to 40%. Your plumber can help you to use your graywater for watering your garden or lawn, or maybe even to be used in your toilet.

Did you know that there are irrigation systems that have their own barometers installed? So they shut off automatically if it is raining. Or that modern appliances often have a water saving feature now? Your local plumber does.

There are many more steps you can take to help make a difference. And the right people can help you, like your local Florida plumber.

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