Plumbers in Society

Most people think that plumbers are found only commercially, however, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, plumbers are found in surprising places.

Plumbers in Government

Even the White House Needs a Plumber | (727) 475-1474

Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom by way of example employs 400 people including domestic servants, chefs, gardeners, chauffeurs, electricians, two people who look after all of the clocks, and of course, plumbers on staff. With 78 bathrooms, we sure hope so. On our side of the pond, did you know that the White House had to have a plumbing upgrade more than 60 years ago? All of the pipes were makeshift and falling apart. In it’s 222 year history, the White House has often been between the times on convenience.

When it was burned down by the British in the war of 1812, it was rebuilt this time with plumbing. Surprisingly, it didn’t have plumbing when it was first put up in 1792, and servants had to fetch water from five miles away. And we complain about when we have to fix a clogged toilet?!? The Palace of Versailles is a French cultural icon, and a big time tourist attraction. However, until Napoleon’s time, there were only chamber pots for toilets, and people used perfume to cover body odor. The gardens have 50 fountains with over 620 jets of water. So with all of that in mind, is fairly safe to assume they have a few plumbing experts around, after all, there are only so many nose plugs, and clothespins about. However, it isn’t just posh surroundings like palaces and governmental residences that have a plumber on staff or on call.

Emergency Plumbing

The barracks in Iraq and Afghanistan have showers and toilets for the troops. They have a hard job there, they don’t need the plumbing not to work. So, guess who are part of the troops? That’s right experts in emergency plumbing repair.

So as you see, you can find a plumber in some of the most unexpected places.

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