Leak Detection Part 2: More Tips

Part two of a series on detecting plumbing leaks explores some more tips.

Water Heater Repair and Checking for Leaks

If you think your pipes may have a leak, it may not just be your pipes. Your hot water heater may actually be leaking too. While it is a rare thing, it wouldn’t hurt to check your water heater as well. Look around the bottom of the unit for any rust or water. Also, check your water heater’s pressure relief valve, which is usually up on top. Don’t just look, however, listen too. If you hear a hissing sound, you probably have a leak in your water heater.

You can tell if you have by your water meter, as we discussed in our last article as well. To review, sometimes, if you shut your water meter off, and it still ticks, that means you may have a leak somewhere in your home or on your property. Unless you have a pipe break, pipe leaks inside walls aren’t as common. Usually leaks occur at shower heads, garden spigots, and bathroom and kitchen taps.

Kitchen and Bathroom: How to Check For Leaks

First off there is the two minute test. Turn off the tap in either the bathroom or the kitchen, watch the tap itself, and wait for about two minutes. If there is no drip, then you do not have a leak. If a drip forms, then you obviously have one. This test also works for the shower as well. If you do have a leak, don’t panic. Sometimes, the repair job that a plumber will do will be minor.

So take a look around, take a sniff too, and listen. Using your senses you will be able to find a leak, and will be able to tell a local plumber where exactly to look for the leak.

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