Leak Detection Part 1: What to Look For First

Leak detection is easy when you know all of the warning signs. What are they? Well, we’ll give you a clue, they’re not just visual…

How Do I Tell If I Have a Leak in My Home?

Leak detection helps you keep your water bill down as well as helps you to avoid health issues

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First up, one of the best ways to detect a plumbing leak is to turn off all the water in your home and use your home’s water meter. Not only will it help you to find the leak, but it will also help you to find where it could be. First, off, find the shut-off valve for your house. This is usually located right by the spigot for your front yard. Turn it off. Now go find your water meter. This is usually located towards the front of your home, sunk in the ground and covered by a lid. Watch the dial on top of the meter. If the meter is still going, then your leak is between your meter and your house. Take a look around.

Any mud? Grass that’s greener or growing faster? That’s where your leak is.

At this point, walk the area between the meter and the shut-off valve. If you have the valve shut off at the house and the meter has stopped moving, then the leak is inside your house. That’s where the other techniques come in.

You Can Tell By The Smell

One of the first ways you can tell you have a leak in your home is the smell. Standing water gives off a musty smell that is fairly easy to detect. If you detect it, look in the obvious places first, such as around baseboards, under sinks, and logical places like that. If you find your leak under your sink or someplace like that, that’s great. However, if you have a leak inside your walls, you may have other problems, such as mold that you’re going to have to call in another service to take care of it.

If you have a leak, and you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t be a statistic. Call in a plumber instead.

Part two of this series will explore some additional methods of leak detection.

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