How Can I Find a Good Plumber?

How do you find the right plumber?  Does it matter if he is a professional?  Should he have a license?  If you want answers to these questions, please read on…

Make Sure You Hire a Licensed Plumber | 727) 475-1474

Make Sure You Hire a Licensed Plumber | 727) 475-1474

How to Find The Right Plumber

How do you find the right plumber? Choosing the right plumber isn’t as difficult as you may think, however, various things have to be taken into consideration before you hire a plumber.  The first requirement a plumber has to have before he  does any work is experience.  Experienced plumbers can perform work far more efficiently with a lot less margin for error.  In addition,  you need not worry about the work that they do.

Does it matter if a plumber is a professional? In a word, yes.  A professional plumber can do a lot more than just pipes.  Did you know for example that he can do stuff like  gas fitting installation.  If you do not already have a plumber on your emergency call list then locating one immediately can be a tough job. In an emergency plumbing situation there is usually  not enough time to look around. This is why most homeowners end up calling whoever they can find and pay through the nose for it.

Why Hiring a Licensed Plumber is Important

Should a plumber have a license?  Yes.  In fact, Florida, just like every other state in the US  has standards in place for the minimum licensing and training that a plumber must have.  It is extremely important to hire a plumber who’s licensed at your state. However, before you hire anybody, first you want to confirm his qualifications and his license number . You also want to check him out online.  Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed against the plumber or his company.  A complaint isn’t necessary a bar to working with him.  Read what the nature of the complaint is.  If it is something trivial such as “my tile doesn’t match the fixtures that he put in” that is a fault of the homeowner, not the plumber.  However, if it is something more severe such as he botched the job, or charged way above his estimate, than that is an area to be concerned about.

We will cover this further in a future article, however, there are some final points to consider.

Ultimately, you want to find yourself someone that you can work with again and again.  Your pipes aren’t going anywhere, and when they break you want someone that you can trust to fix them.   So remember, it isn’t as hard as you might think to find a local plumber.

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