Household Infrastructure Part 1: Plumbing Repair

Your household’s infrastructure is made of many components, and plumbing is a major one.

Plumbing is something that is definitely a plus of living in the developed world.

Plumbing: Why Life in the US is Good

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We take water in our house for granted. Well, that is until we see water dripping from the attic into our kitchen, and realize that we need an emergency plumber to come out. In the US, it’s generally accepted that when we turn on the spigot, water will come out, and when we turn it off, the water flow will stop. There are certain parts of the world still where a toilet is essentially an outhouse, and water for bathing is heated on a stove. In some other parts of the world, the spigots and fixtures are there, but there are no connections. A lot of retirees found this out in Mexico. Lured by the low cost of living, they were flabbergasted to find out a great many of the ‘luxury villas on the Mexican Riviera’ had no plumbing, no air conditioning, and no electricity.

In other cases, some homes would have plumbing and amenities installed, however, they were legacy items, like pipers that were new 50 years ago. However, even in the US, plumbing may need to be repaired or upgraded by a master plumber.

Not All Plumbing is Created Equal

Older homes often used materials for plumbing that were dubious at best. Zinc was thought to be highly reliable at one point, as was plastic, however, both had their potential issues. Zinc has a tendency to oxidize fairly quickly, causing cracks and/or holes to appear. Plastic was the darling of the sixties. The space age material that made life easier. Well, except for PVC, which was heavily used as a plumbing material. PVC has a double issue connected with it. First off, if it catches fire, it produces highly toxic fumes. Second, it also has a tendency to shatter if it expands and contracts too much. Then you have no choice but to call in an emergency plumber

If you have an older home, you may need a re-piping of your house. A word to the wise here. Even if you feel you’re an expert, don’t try it yourself. After all, all it takes is one bad connection and you have water damage. There are certain things you call in a professional for. You don’t perform surgery on yourself, you go to a doctor. You don’t wire up your home, you call an electrician. And you don’t reinstall plumbing in your home, you call in a master plumber.

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Household Infrastructure Part 1: Plumbing Repair
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