Home Repairs Part 3: Install New Fixtures

A plumber can help you with something that most people trip up on, namely installing new fixtures…

Why Install New Fixtures

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Plumbing fixtures are durable. They’re usually made of tempered metal and chrome after all. However, after a while, they can start to erode, particularly things like washers and springs. Then bit by bit, your fixtures start costing you money. How? By adding to your water usage and ultimately your water bill.

A plumber can help you upgrade your fixtures to conserve more water, and lower your monthly water bill, as this article excerpt from Consumer Reports shows: “If the bathroom fixtures in your home were made before 1995 then you are flushing money down the toilet. By switching to a WaterSense toilet and repairing or replacing leaky plumbing fixtures and sprinkler systems, you can save 10,000 gallons of water per year and as much as 10 percent on your utility bill. That’s the message of Fix a Leak Week, an annual reminder from the Environmental Protection Agency to be more miserly with your water. “Easy-to-fix household leaks waste more than one trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, which is equal to the amount of water used by more than 11 million homes,” says Nancy Stoner, the EPA’s Acting Administrator for the Office of Water.[READ MORE]

New Fixtures and More Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Them Installed

Let’s say you want to remodel your bathroom. You found a design you like in a magazine. You’ve got the paint samples, and you’ve got the theme for your bathroom. You get done, and feel disappointed. You forgot one little detail. You forgot your fixtures are twenty years old, and they are showing their age. Now is the time to call a plumber in to swap your fixtures out. He may even have access to the ones in the design you’re looking for.

So, if it is time to do a bit of remodeling, remember that details are everything. You may wish to upgrade your fixtures with the help of your local plumber.

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