Home Repairs Part 1: Broken Pipe Repair

Part one of a three part series on household repairs focuses on broken pipe repair. As to why you should fix this as soon as possible, it isn’t just about money…

Health Reasons For Broken Pipe Repair

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You start to sneeze and itch. You have watery eyes, and they itch as well. You think it’s a cold, or maybe that there is too much pollen in the air. Another scarier possibility is the presence of black mold in your house. If you ingest or inhale mold spores you can become very sick. Mold grows inside you, making you sicker with each passing day. You provide a perfect host for mold spores, as all they need to grow is a bit of moisture. Mold produces mycotoxins that slowly poison each of your body’s systems, from your lungs to your brain. Mold in a home is caused by the presence of water. Even a minor leak can put down just enough water to create a mold colony. That’s one health reason that makes you want to call for broken pipe repair.

The presence of standing water also brings insects such as cockroaches that also can aggravate health problems like asthma. In addition to mold and cockroaches as reasons to fix a broken pipe, there are also several bacteria that thrive in the wet environment that a pool of standing water can offer. Another problem you may have to contend with is that water is one of the things that termites need to live as well.

Structural Damage and Broken Pipe Repair

While we’re on the subject of something that can cause structural damage, did you know that a broken pipe can also cause damage to your house too? Water is the most powerful solvent in nature. It can erode cliffs and wash away beaches. Just a slow drip over time can cause the timbers in your home to start to rot, and eventually collapse. When you look at the cost and the hassle of filing an insurance claim with the chance that you may be denied, suddenly calling in a plumber doesn’t seem so bad, now does it?

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Home Repairs Part 1: Broken Pipe Repair

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