Hiring a Local Plumber Part 1: Why Doing it Yourself May Cost More

Part one of a series on why you should hire a local plumber explores the additional cost of doing it yourself.

Isn’t Doing it Yourself Cheaper Than a Local Plumber?

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A lot of people think that hiring a local plumber is more than doing it yourself. Well, that depends entirely on how you look at it. Let’s take what happens if you make a mistake. You watched a home improvement show on cable, visited a home improvement blog on a website somewhere, and bought a couple of books from your local big box hardware store and you now think you can do plumbing in your guest bathroom. Right? Wrong!

Let’s say you finish your job and you’re pleased with the result. However, what you don’t know is that you didn’t tighten one of the spigots on the bathroom sink that you installed. As a result, you turn it, and all of a sudden you don’t have a bathroom sink anymore, you have a fountain. You also have a broken pipe, and about $700 worth of water damage. Damage that you could have easily avoided by calling in a professional and licensed plumber in Tampa Fl. You also have to get a new faucet. So when you factor in gas, driving time back and forth, the cost of the books you bought, as well as having to replace a fixture, all of a sudden that bargain doesn’t look like such a bargain, does it?

Why Hire a Plumber in Tampa

We once had a customer who smugly told us that her brother was a fix it guy, and he could do it for cheaper than we could. Before we go too far, remember what we said about doing it yourself? The same holds true for ‘experts.’ This same woman ended up calling our emergency number because apparently he broke a pipe in the attic.

So as you see, we understand completely about saving money in these tough times. However, you have to ask yourself, am I saving money, or would I save more money by calling in a Tampa plumber?

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