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Plumbing companies have noticed a trend in recent years: a large number of New Port Richey customers want to ‘go green’. That means more than just turning off lights when you’re not in the room, though — there are many facets to a greener home. Plumbing and pipes are one of them. You can have a profound impact on your environment and your community by making just a few simple changes to your plumbing. Going green isn’t even that expensive, at least as far as plumbing is concerned. New Port Richey residents can actually save money by choosing some green choices that will conserve electricity and water in addition to reducing their carbon footprints. Just follow these simple steps.

Install A New Water Heater

Old water heaters — and some of them can last forever — are one of the most inefficient parts of any New Port Richey plumbing system. You could save as much 15% on your annual energy bill just by replacing an old, worn-down water heater with a newer, Energy Star one. It’s actually less effort than it sounds like, and the costs involved are quite reasonable.

Get a Low-Flush or Dual-Flush Toilet
Or, if you’re shooting for a less expensive solution, put a couple of bricks in your toilet’s tank. The ideas are all the same: the toilet is the highest water-sink in the home (unless you take a lot of baths). If you can save a quarter or more of the water you use on each flush, that’s a huge load off.

Get an On-Demand Hot Water Pump
On-demand means you don’t have a huge tank of water sitting there waiting to be heated — the pump heats your water in real-time, so to speak. Combined with insulated pipes, an on-demand water heater helps you conserve water even more effectively.

These are just a few simple ideas to get you started down the path of green plumbing. If you want to implement these ideas and you need a little help, or you’re looking for more information, call the PUR Plumbing experts today.

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