Emergency Plumbing Repair: 24X7 Misconceptions

It’s very easy to advertise 24X7 emergency plumbing repair. It’s quite another thing to follow up on the promise…

Emergency Plumbing Repair

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What a lot of people don’t know is that some plumbers advertise 24 hour plumbing service, but what they’re referring to is that there is a phone number that you can call that is an automated voicemail system. When the plumber gets in at whatever time his day starts, he’ll get the message, and answer it in the order it was received. So you could be his first customer, or his 50th. All that time, whatever problem you are dealing with has been getting worse.

It’s better to call a plumber that really does offer emergency plumbing services on a full 24X7 basis, rather than when it is just convenient. Plumbing problems don’t wait until the plumbing company opens. Also, some companies aren’t quite honest about their services.

Only Work With Licensed Plumbers

Some so called emergency plumbers are actually not licensed by the State, which is a dubious proposition at best. You could have someone come in, fix the problem on the surface, but not fix the real issue. Then at some undetermined point, you could find yourself ankle deep in water and calling someone else in to fix the damage and clean up the mess that the last guy left. Or your plumbing could work fine, except for that leak in your wall that’s quietly rotting the structure of your home, and breeding mold and bacteria. Licensed plumbers are always the best to get. You also have to watch out with some emergency plumbers, as the number that is on their website is actually a referral number for several other plumbers in the area.

So as you see, it’s best to know who is coming to your house and what their qualifications are. Make sure that the plumber you’re talking to really is them, and is licensed to do emergency plumbing repair in Tampa.

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