Conserving Water with the Help of Your Local Plumber

A plumber can do more than fix your pipes and install new bathroom fixtures.  Did you know that a plumber can also help you to conserve water in surprising ways? 

First off, each leaky water faucet can waste up to 52 gallons of water per year.  Most people don’t pay much attention to a drip here or there, but it obviously can add up.  However, other components in your home can waste water as well.  Look at your clotheswasher for example. 

Appliances are not something you buy for the short-term.  Most appliances fit under similar categories as cars, namely durable goods.  A durable good is something that lasts for years or even decades.  Legacy appliances like an older model clotheswasher can waste a whopping 300 gallons of water per year.  Having a plumber install a newer more efficient model will also help you reduce your water consumption.  The same holds true for water heaters. 

A tankless water heater can save a lot of wasted water, which in turn reduces your monthly bill.  As it doesn’t require refilling, a tankless heater reduces water consumption by up to 30%.  Yet it isn’t just your water heater and your clotheswasher that can waste money.  Your toilet can as well. 

In fact, by some estimates, a silently leaking or a run-on toilet can waste a staggering 200 gallons of water per day.  When you look at a the rates a plumber will charge, they are pennies in comparison to a staggeringly high water bill. 

There is nothing wrong with paying a professional to do a job for you.  You pay an accountant to do your taxes.  If your phone goes out, you call a technician to fix it.  And where your house’s plumbing is concerned, you call in the most appropriate expert you can in that case as well: a local plumber. 

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