Commercial Plumbing: Water Heater Installation

Commercial plumbing services also includes other plumbing installs, such as water heaters

Commercial Water Heater Installation

What’s the difference between commercial water heater installation and a water heater for your home? For one thing, scale. A lot of time, even a small business needs a lot more hot water than a home will. Look at a busy cafe or restaurant for example. If it seats 100 people and is busy at both lunch and dinner, that is a lot of plates and cutlery to be washed, not to mention all of the pots and pans. In some cases, it may even be beneficial for a business to consider a tankless unit. One of our customers who had a regular heater, however, needed our help a while back.

Annabelle, one of our customers opened a bistro in Tampa a while back. Unfortunately, the water heater that came with the business was old, and finally gave out. When we looked at it, we found out it was a low capacity unit that the former owner had installed as a cost cutting measure. We got Annabelle a new water heater and now her business is doing well. She even gave us free coffee and croissants for coming to her rescue. However, sometimes a water heater may have some other problems.

Water Heater Repair and a Commercial Plumbing Service

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A commercial plumbing service is good at detecting leaks with a water heater, or other problems such as hard water deposits. Businesses are held to a much higher standard than homes are. If there is something wrong with the plumbing, including the water heater, a business could conceivably lose its license. On the subject of business, however, sometimes saving money is as important if not more so than it is for a homeowner.

If you had an older water heater, your business could be losing money because it isn’t energy efficient. Another option that’s out there now for businesses is a tankless water heater.

So, whether you need water heater repair, plumbing upgrades, or new fixtures for your business, make sure you call the right people. Call your commercial plumber in Trinity, Florida.
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