Commercial Plumber Tampa Part 1: It’s About Business

Hiring a commercial plumber Tampa goes deeper than just fixing a clogged sink, it could impact your business as well.

Commercial Plumber Tampa: Why You Should Hire a Specialist

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What’s the difference between a residential plumber and a commercial plumber Tampa? Scope is the primary one. All plumbers know how to fix a clog, or add new fixtures, but what about specialized businesses such as hair salons or restaurants. A busy hair salon is a plumbing nightmare. Think about it if you will. Three or four shampooing stations, with a dozen or more customers getting their hair washed. Can anyone say “hair clog?” And yes, they do happen, and quite frequently at that.

Customers come to a hair salon because it is a compromise between getting their hair done in a timely manner, without the annoyance that comes with an obvious self-inflicted haircut. But what would happen if the salon in question had one or more of their shampoo stations down? It may make the customers in question start eyeing another salon. That’s why you want to call in a commercial plumber Tampa to fix this problem post haste. There is an even more urgent need for such a professional’s services at a restaurant.

A Commercial Plumber Tampa Can Save a Restaurant

We had a customer who ran a restaurant in Tampa. It won a lot of accolades, and a justly earned reputation for good food and drinks. However, their sink started backing up. The restaurant owner was smart, however. He called us in to fix the problem immediately to keep his business open and running. A lot of people didn’t know that that if a restaurant’s toilet is clogged or sink backs up, the health department can get involved. If a restaurant gets a citation from the health department, it is a lot more serious than you may think, and by that point, even a commercial plumber in Tampa can’t help. Because even if the restaurant manages to rectify the problem, all it takes is one negative review to go viral, and what was a hot bistro with reservations recommended is now spending a fortune on damage control and marking down their chef’s specialties at 50% off just to get a customer base again.

However, there is a way to avoid this. Hire a commercial plumber Tampa.

This concludes part one of our series on why you should hire a commercial plumber Tampa. Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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