Broken Pipe Repair

Broken Pipe Repair

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Broken pipe repair is for more than just emergencies. It can also prevent damage to your home and your health as well.

How Can Broken Pipe Repair Help Prevent Health Issues?

Several unhealthy organisms flourish in environments that are moisture rich. Mold, bacteria, viruses, mildew all can flourish in a damp environment. In addition, insects such as cockroaches also do well in such environments and they are known triggers for respiratory illnesses such as asthma. So calling in a plumber to fix a broken pipe is not just for the water, it is also to keep unwanted guests at bay

Okay, But Why Does Broken Pipe Repair Help Prevent Property Damage?

Cockroaches aren’t the only insects that seek out moisture. Termites do as well, and they cost millions in property damage per year. If the insects weren’t bad enough, there is also the damage that water can do to your drywall, timber, and wiring. All pretty strong arguments for getting broken pipe repair done, don’t you think?

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