A Commercial Plumber and Your Business Part 3

Being an experienced commercial plumber, we think we’ve seen it all. Except for a worst case scenario like this one…

Commercial Plumbing: When the Nightmare Begins, We’re There to Help

There are clogs, as any commercial plumbing service knows, and then there are CLOGS,as this article excerpt from NPR.ORG shows. “A ‘bus-sized lump’ of food fat mixed with wet wipes” has been removed from a southwest London sewer. The 15-ton behemoth was the largest “congealed lump of lard” ever found in the Thames Water sewage system, supervisor Gordon Hailwood . Nearby residents were reporting that their toilets wouldn’t flush because the system was so clogged. It took three weeks to hack the monster into pieces and haul them away…” [[READ MORE].

As a business, this is even more nightmarish than it would have been for the people living in that southwest London neighborhood. To a homeowner, this is inconvenient and disgusting. To the owner of a business, however, this would mean loss of income. That’s why it’s best to have a commercial plumbing specialist in the Tampa area. However, clogs are just one problem that can be fixed.

Old Pipes and a Commercial Plumber

If you have an old building, the pipes are old too. Commercial plumbing services also can bypass or even re-pipe old plumbing. This is good for both health reasons, as some older pipes were made of lead, which isn’t exactly healthy for people. Also old pipes leak, which can lead to insects as well as mold and other unhealthy organisms. For a business, this could lead to fines from the health department. And in the age of things going viral, it just takes a few negative items like this for a business to lose customers, often permanently.

So as you see, there are very good reasons to have the right people to help you in your business. You call a pest control company before you have insects. You call an electrician to check out your wiring.
And most of all, you call a commercial plumber for your business’ plumbing needs.

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